In the following years, the location was enlarged. In the 50s, Heinrich and Erna Burckhardt laid the foundation for  an inn by building the first guest rooms . In 1972, their son, Fritz Burckhardt and his wife Helga took over the inn and  the agriculture sector. In 1980 they expanded the business for the first time, which advertises 20 guest rooms as  Hotel-Restaurant Reckweilerhof. In the late 80s agriculture was given up, so the complete focus was now on the hotel.  The "old guest rooms" were remodeled into a vacation flat. In 1996, Fritz and Helga Burckhardt built out the attic,  creating seven more comfortable double rooms. 2009, the children, Steffen Burckhardt and Katja Walter,  took over the business as the fifth generation of the family and now run it together with their parents.  In summer 2016 the hotel receives the award  “Two stars superior Hotel”
After the annexation  by Bavaria, his son Ludwig Burckhardt bought the estate in 1817  and managed it. His family grew and over the next generations the estate was passed on to five heirs .  The first patent for commercial use was issued under the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1849 and  the taproom was initially located opposite the building.  At the beginning of the 19th century, the restaurant was relocated to the present residential building,  initially only as a small bar area , which was managed along with the agricultural sector. A brief look  into the past  The Reckweilerhof is first mentioned in the 12th century . For several centuries, it belonged to the monastery Offenbach  am Glan , which is subordinate to the Abbot of Metz. Over several years the tenants often changed,  and it was also often vacant . The name Burckhardt was first mentioned  in 1796. The farmer Christoph Burckhardt from Rauschenburg leased the farm from the Baron of Üxküll. Fam. Burckhardt & Walter GbR · Reckweilerhof 8 · 67752 Wolfstein · Telefon (06304) 618 u. 619 · Telefax (06304) 1533 An excerpt from the Reckweilerhof Chronicles Language Leisure Directions Guestbook Home Hotel rooms Restaurant  & Pub Booking History Contact History